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Robert Syd Hopkins, aka Robert Rostand  (Novelist & Screenwriter)

                                                      Novels:           A dozen published titles including The Killer Elite,  Riviera, Viper’s Game

                                                      Films:             LAST RUN (theatrical) and LIFELINE (TV movie)

                                                      TV series:       F/X: THE SERIES and ROBOCOP (multiples)


     Stephanie has been my critical eye for eighteen years now, the most savvy story person I know.  She is part critic, part teacher, part saint, I swear.  More than once, as she wades through something of mine, I feel I have a skilled writing partner working out there to find the holes, putting her finger on the critical faults or vagaries whether it be of character, plot-line or theme.  The big stuff, the details.  Especially the details.  Always coming up with possible solutions I would never have thought of in a year.  And, aware all the while of the realities in a fast evolving marketplace.”


     Check out Bob's website:



* * * * * * *


Dallas L. Barnes  (Novelist & Screenwriter)


                                                      Novels:          Six international best-sellers including Badge of Honor, Deadly Justice,

                                                                             City of Passion

                                                      Films:            TERROR AMONG US

                                                      TV series:      HUNTER, VEGAS, KOJAK, TJ HOOKER, BARETTA, and more


    …In addition to being my agent, as a writer, I found Stephanie to be an invaluable kindred spirit and as such she also became my mentor.  Stephanie often breathed an important breath and life into my writings with tactful, experienced guidance, coupled with skilled and prudent editing, giving the properties a savvy market edge tha cut a path through the ever present storm of competition.”



     Check out Dallas' bio and list of novels:



* * * * * * *


Bruce Lansbury  (Studio Executive, Producer & Screenwriter)


                                          Industry executive:       CBS Vice President and former head of Paramount TV

                                                   Producer:              MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, BUCK ROGERS, KNIGHTRIDER

                                                   Creator:                THE BARBARY COAST, THE MAGICIAN, STREET HAWK

                                                   Screenwriter:        I’M DANGEROUS TONIGHT (MOW), A STRANGER WAITS (MOW)

                                                   TV series:              MURDER, SHE WROTE (show runner), ZORRO, SWAMP THING



    “For over twenty years I have relied upon Stephanie’s editorial acumen prior to finalizing many of my writings. And, I have a great appreciation for her creative instincts and advice in helping me ready my material for the marketplace. 

She has a very sharp eye for enhancing character development, pacing, continuity and dialogue and knows how to “lean down a script” to heighten story flow and dramatic impact. She’s also extremely helpful in problem-solving and has often guided me to ‘“finding diamonds when seeking gold.”’


* * * * * * *


Stephen Downing  (Producer & Screenwriter)


                                                      Screenwriter:   TV movies -           ANATOMY OF A KILLING, WITHOUT

                                                                                                                WARNING,  ALONE IN THE NEON JUNGLE,

                                                                                                                MORE THAN MURDER, CRISIS IN MID AIR                       

                                                      TV series:  Show runner, writer – MACGYVER, ROBOCOP and  F/X Series and 

                                                                                                                writer of episodes - POLICE STORY EISCHEID, 

                                                                                                                NERO WOLFE,  McCLAIN’S LAW, etc. 


     “No one understands better how to evaluate, edit and analyze the written word with precision and persistence than Stephanie, whether it is a story consult or script analysis…. It matters not who you are or how golden you think that last draft may be; Stephanie finds EVERYTHING! I am a better writer because of Stephanie  Rogers.”



* * * * * * *


Howard Kazanjian  (Producer & Book Author)


                                                Producer:              RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, RETURN OF THE JEDI,

                                                                               DEMOLITION MAN, THE ROOKIE, BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY

                                                Emmy Winner:    MAKING OF ‘RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

                                                Books:                   The Cowboy and the Senorita, The Young Duke: The Early Life of John

                                                                               Wayne,  Happy Trails



     For nearly thirty years Stephanie has been a wonderful professional associate, a confidant and one of the most honest and respected agents and managers in our business.  Her exceptional talents for story, structure and character development only add to her sense of what the industry is looking to produce, whether it be a television or a theatrical movie.  I know of no other person with the love and dedication she puts into her work.  What is  paramount is that she delivers."


* * * * * * *


Douglas Soesbe  (Screenwriter & Story Analyst)

                                                    Novels:                 Published titles - Scream Play, Children in a Burning House

                                                    Screenwriter:      BOULEVARD (feature film starring Robin Williams),    

                                                                                  TILL DAD DO US PART (MOW), BLIND TERROR (Cable Movie), and

                              THE WRONG WOMAN (MOW), LOOK AGAIN  (MOW)


                                                     Story Analyst:   Universal Pictures


     Stephanie was of great help working with me at the basic story level in preparing screenplays for submission.  Her creative sense is impeccable, possessing an insight into story, structure, character and internal logic that is second to none.”


 * * * * * * *


Lawrence Kubik  (Agent & Producer)


Former clients who have won Oscars for “Best Screenplay”:

                                                                                            Larry Hauben for ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST;

                                                                                            Peter Fonda for EASY RIDER; Sylvester Stallone for ROCKY

                                                               Producer:   DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, ZACHARIAH and HUNTER TV series


     “I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Stephanie Rogers for many years in the motion picture and  television business.  As an agent, I represented numerous writers, many of whom have won and been nominated for  Academy Awards.  During my time as their representative, I have called upon Stephanie for her  wisdom, tastes and  instinct.  I must say that her notes, suggestions and input were most meaningful and on target.  When it comes to the written word, her assessments are nonpareil.”


* * * * * * *


Chris Enss  (Book Author)

Chris wrote the New York Times Best Selling Book (February 2014,)

The Doctor Wore Petticoats

                                    She has authored 26 published books including:  The Cowboy and the Senorita,

                                                  The Young Duke:The Early Life of John Wayne, Happy Trails, Pistol Packin’

                                                  Madams, Playing for Time: The Death Row All Stars



      Stephanie Rogers’ talent for editing, structure and characterization is an invaluable service to novelists and  screenwriters alike.  Her instincts for what makes a good story great are “spot on,” and she shares her 

expertise with an ease and charm that always inspires."



                                                   Check out Chris' many works on the following sites: or


* * * * * * *


           David Esselstrom  (Fiction & Screenwriter/Journalist/Educator)


                                           Professor and Chair, Department of English, Azusa Pacific University

                                        Screen adaptation of SONG OF ABRAHAM by Helen Gunderson Traylor

                                        Screen treatment for WELCOME TO POOH CORNER (Disney Channel)


     "With enthusiasm, energy, great insight and a finely-tuned sensitivity, Stephanie Rogers exercises a keen  eye  for story, character,  structure and format."



* * * * * * *



                Liz Spear (aka Elizabeth Revill)  (Novelist/Playwright/Screenwriter)


                                               Published novelist ;           Twelve novels including  Killing Me Softly , Prayer For the Dying,                                                                                                                                God Only Knows, Whispers on the Wind,  Electra Conspiracy

                                                                                           The Forsaken and the Damned, etc.

                                               Playwright:                        MOCKINGBIRDS DON'T SING, MILLY'S MOMENTS,

                                                                                           IN THE CHILL OF THE NIGHT, CHECK-MATE, 

                                                                                           RELATIVE DISASTER more.

                                               Optioned screenwriter:    ELECTRA CONSPIRACY, WHISPERS ON THE WIND,

                                                                                           WEB OF FEAR



    "Stephanie is a joy to work with.  She is meticulous in her script analysis and her insight into what works and sells in the world of scripts is second to none.  I find her extremely personable with an engaging sense of humor and an inspiration. Stephanie is a perfectionist who will not rest until she has drawn the very best from any writer.  

     Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative."



* * * * * * *  


Marcel Mendes  (Novelist)

                                             Published books:    Flowers in the BoneyardThe Healer and Under the Shooting Star

                                                                                             Soul Mates' Journey. 


     "As I set on the journey to becoming a professional writer, I quickly realized that I needed the right people by my side in order to achieve my goal . Not only does Stephanie capture the message that the writer is trying to convey, but with honest, meaningful, and clear advice,  she helps him polish his idea, not in an imposing, but  rather a supportive and encouraging, way that only  a true professional would know how to do.   I  am really looking forward to many more projects together.  Thank you.



 * * * * * * *



You, too, can "polish your project to perfection" by utilizing my screenplay or manuscript analysis, consulting,

editing and proofreading services.



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