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     The best way to learn about the craft of screenwriting is to read produced screenplays...lots and
     lots and lots of them. What follows are a number of web sites with vast libraries of produced screenplays
     which you can access on-line:

                                                   * * * * * *

      Screenwriters who may or may not be members of the Writers' Guild of America (WGA) can utilize
      a number  of the WGA's resources such as registering material, obtaining a list of franchised literary
      agents and obtaining a sample collaboration agreement (when more than one writer creates a script).
      Information and credits on screenwriters, directors, producers, stars, film and television shows are
      available in a huge Internet database linked below.
      Hollywood trade papers that cover all facets of the entertainment business including film, television,
      stage, music, Internet, etc. are:
      InkTip is a great resource for writers marketing their own scripts and seeking representation.  InkTip
      exposes scripts to 15,000 film and TV industry professionals including producers, agents, managers,
      directors and actors.  Also there is information on writing contests and helpful advice for writers.
      The site below focuses on the business and craft of screenwriting.  It tracks the script sales made in
      Hollywood each day.  A subscription to the service will provide access to information on agents,
      managers and producers along with addresses, phone numbers and staff, etc....

       A very comprehensive compilation of production company listings with addresses, phone numbers and
      staff  members' titles.   This directory is published four times a year thus providing the most up-to-date-  
      information.  Additionally, this invaluable resource lists most current TV shows with staff contact 

Available on or Barnes & Noble among other outlets.

      A comprehensive and informative site with an extensive list of contests, criteria for submitting, costs
      and reviews of screenplay writers' competitions.  
      Published yearly, the Writer's Market is one of the most comprehensive listings of publishers and editors
      along with helpful hints for writers of books, short stories, articles, etc.  Submission guidelines and    
      information on publisher pay rates/royalties/advances are included.
      Literary Market Place is an extensive yearly guide to the U.S. book publishing industry, covering every
      conceivable aspect of the business including publishers, agents, advertising agencies, associations,
      distributors and events.
     Publisher's Weekly is the publishing industry's leading weekly news magazine covering every aspect of
     creating, producing, marketing and selling books.  Brief synopses, reviews of current books and best
     seller lists are also included.
     Kirkus Reviews contains major reviews of the latest books as well as pre-published looks at important
     upcoming works.  There are also reviews each month of the best fiction and non-fiction submissions from
     self, e-published and POD authors as determined by a select group of reviewers chosen by the
     Kirkus staff.  Tour the web site for more information.
     The Creative Screenwriting magazine is available in print and on-line.  It is filled with interviews with
     successful Hollywood screenwriters and advice on the business of screenwriting.
     When you need to write dialogue in a foreign language that you aren't familiar with, you can go to this
     site,  type in the sentence or phrase in English, then choose the language to which you want the line to be 
     translated and VOILA!
* * * * * * *