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Writers of screenplays

and manuscripts are offered

analysis, consultation, editing

and proofreading by Stephanie Rogers,

a film and publishing industry professional

with a proven track record in helping

writers to succeed.




When a film or publishing insider reads your material,

you need their response to be....



W O W!!! 


Unlike a baseball game, when you get up to bat with

your script, the competition is so fierce that you only

get one swing to hit a home run.  Just one strike, and you're out!


Your family and friends may think your script is

terrific, but it is unlikely that they have the

knowledge or keen eye of a highly-experienced,

industry professional who has worked for decades

in the film industry as a studio executive,

literary agent and manager and film producer.  



Whether you are a first-time hopeful or a

seasoned, produced or published writer, you will

benefit greatly from the input of a professional

script consultant who has a long and winning record

of working with writers to develop their material

 and maximize their opportunities for success.  What

you need is help to hone your script into a

professional,  well-executed,







I want to help you hit that home run.



Stephanie Rogers




"....Her exceptional talent for story, structure and character development only add to her sense of what the [film and television] industry is looking to produce..." Howard Kazanjian - Book Author & Film Producer - RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, DEMOLITION MAN, THE ROOKIE


"Stephanie has been my critical eye for eighteen years now, the most savvy story person I know...I feel I have a skilled writing partner...." Robert Syd Hopkins - Novelist of 12 published books and Screenwriter of movies and numerous TV series.


"No one understands better how to evaluate, edit and analyze the written word....I am a better writer because of Stephanie Rogers." Stephen Downing - Writer/Producer/Showrunner of MACGYVER, ROBOCOP, F/X:THE SERIES; Writer of numerous Movies-of-the-Week & TV series.




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Screenplay Consultant
Manuscript Analyst
Stephanie Rogers
I invite you to tour this web site
to view the services that are offered,
my extensive background,
more testimonials from professionals
in film and publishing, a listing of fees,
 a sample of analytical comments
and suggestions, how to submit your
material, a compilation of writers'
resources, some helpful tips for writers
and my newsletter.


  For a free ten-minute initial

consultation call:



(702) 255-9999



Hours of operation:

Monday through Friday



10 am - 6 pm Pacific Time



Contact Information:
  write 2 wow
 Attn: Stephanie Rogers
    8737 Carlitas Joy Court
      Box #13
      Las Vegas, Nevada  89117

        (702) 255-9999


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